Monday, March 7, 2011

March 20

Leader: What is the biggest thing around?

Children: Mt Aoraki is our mountain. The Waitaki is our river.

All: Our strength comes from God who made Mt Aoraki,
Who tells the mighty Waitaki where to flow.

Leader: Is our God random? Is our God fickle?

Children: No way! Our God loves us.
He stays awake to watch over us.

All: The Lord protects our very life, now and forever.


  1. Please adapt this call to your own context. In New Zealand, there is a strong tradition of identifying with local landmarks such as rivers and mountains, which I have incorporated into this call to worship.
    If you live in a city, what is a local landmark that people identify with? In one place, a crane provided a temporary landmark that everyone recognized, and we acknowledged that our God is taller than the tallest crane, deeper than the foundations that were being made.
    Blessings, mj

  2. Love the use of local inclusion to help bring the size of God to the people, thanks for this resource