Monday, February 18, 2013

13 March 10

Leader: Come to worship, and confess where there is wrong
Children: Bad secrets make you feel bad.
All: Come to the Lord, for he is faithful

Leader: Blessed is the one whose debts are paid
Children: Let's learn from our mistakes.
All: The Lord's unfailing love surrounds those who trust in Him

13 March 3

Leader: Come and seek God, our God
Children: Without God, we are as dry as an empty creek bed
All: We will drink deeply of the presence of God!

Leader: Never forget the power and glory of God
Children: As long as we live, we will praise God.
All: Because God is our help, we will sing 
In the shadow of His wings.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

13 Feb 24

Leader: The Lord is my light and my salvation
Children: The Lord is drop dead gorgeous
All: We have come to offer our sacrifice of praise to the Lord.

Leader: Come and learn the ways of the Lord
Children: We know that the Lord will always hear us and help us
All: Let us be strong and wait for the Lord.

13 Feb 17

Leader: Almighty God himself is our refuge. 
Children: He is our shield, our hiding place, and our friend.
All: We will find our identity, our place and our rest in God. 

Leader:  We proclaim the name of the Lord
Children: He is with us when bullies are mean to us, 
All: We love the Lord, our Saviour and our Deliverer.

13 Feb 10

Leader: Come, let us lift high our Holy God
Children: God is The Boss, the Head Honcho, The One in Charge
All: Let everyone praise God.
Let everyone praise God.

Leader: Let us praise God, who is beautiful, who is true
Children: God loves fair play, and God loves us!
All: God has called us, and we respond in song and silence,
We listen to his word, and follow in his ways. Praise God.