Wednesday, June 26, 2013

13 July 14

Leader: Remember the Lord our God is just
Children: He notices the needy and the nerds
All: We are called to act justly too.

Leader: God cares about the lonely and the fatherless
Children: He protects the poor and the bullied
All: Praise the Lord our God who is just.

13 July 7

Leader: Come let us lift high the Lord our God
Children: God lifts us up out of the deep dark pit
All: When we call on God, he heals us.

Leader: God brings us from death to life
Children: God brings us from dark to light
All: Come, let us exalt the Lord our God.

13 June 30

Leader: Once again, remember what God has done
Children: God is the first and the best superhero
All: Our God is a God of miracles

Leader: Our God redeemed his people Israel,
Children: He led them through mighty waters,
All: The Lord led his people like a flock,
Through the work of Moses and Aaron.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

13 June 23

Leader: As the deer longs for water, we long for you.
Children: Without you we're so blue we don't know what to do.
All: When can we go and meet with God?

Leader: Why are you downcast? Put your hope in God!
Children: Now is good!
All: Today we will praise God, who is our life and our salvation.

13 June 16

Leader: Lord, you are our King and our God
Children: In the morning, we will talk with you
All: You welcome us into your presence

Leader: Listen everyone, be prepared to change.
Children: God doesn't like cheating or lies, or bullying, or hate.
All: Lead us O God into right relationship, lead us into life!

13 June 9

Leader: Let us tell the good news stories.
Children: God brings life when we thought all was lost.
All: When we call for help, God is faithful and heals us.

Leader: So let us sing the praises of the Lord.
Children: Let's jump! Let's jam! Let's dance and sing!
All: We will praise God with hands and hearts together.