Wednesday, February 22, 2012

12 March 4

Leader: God does not turn away or ignore suffering or the suffering one
Children: There is good news if you are in trouble
All: Every family among all the nations will come back to the Lord
Leader: Remember this: the Lord has the right to rule the nations
Children: He is the boss of ALL the bosses
All: The whole earth will worship the Lord
And we will worship the Lord today.

12 Feb 26

Leader: Lift up your heads, lift up your eyes, lift up your hearts
Children: God will not let us be ashamed
All: Let's put up a sign that says 'God is love,'
And make a banner that declares the mercy of God.
Leader: From now on, every road you travel will lead to God
Children: Look for God signs! Listen for God directions!
All: The Lord takes rejects and failures by the hand,
He will lead us, each one,
Step by step,
Day by day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

12 Feb 19

Leader: Have mercy on us O God
Children: God looks after us when we are sick
All: We will confess our sins, and God will restore us
Leader: Praise God, our healer and our Redeemer
Children: Let us be kind to those who are not well
All: God is faithful, and kind. His love endures forever.
Have mercy on us.

12 Feb 12

Leader: Let us praise God, who saves us and heals us
Children: God hears us when we cry for help
All: Let us sing praises to God together.
Leader: It is God who transforms our imaginations
Children: You turn our tears into tap dancing!
All: We will not be silent, we will praise the Lord our God.