Monday, May 28, 2012

12 June 17

Leader: Come and worship the King, our God, our Saviour
Children: Shout for joy! Wave a banner.
All: Let us worship God in all we do.

Leader: We praise the name of our God
Children: Some trust in Holden's and others in Fords
All: But we trust in the living God,
He will hear us when we call.

12 June 10

Leader: From the deepest, darkest places in our lives, we call out to you
Children: We need help! We need help now!
All: If you kept records of our sin, we would be truly lost

Leader: We worship God whose very nature is love.
Children: We know you make a habit of forgiving us
All: We wait and watch for your light
As we watch for dawn to break on the longest night.

June 3

Leader: Remember the glory and the strength of the Lord
Children: God's voice is louder than trains or tractors
All: Let us join with the heavenly hosts and praise God

Leader: Let us worship God, who is in the world and greater than the world
Children: We can't see God but we see what God does
All: Praise God, who gives us strength and blesses us with peace.