Monday, June 16, 2014

July 6, 2014

Leader: God is full of grace and compassion
Children: He is not grumpy or cross
All: We will tell everyone about your life giving power.

Leader: God is faithful.
Children: You can trust God.
All: We will tell everyone about your life giving power

Leader: God lifts up the fallen
Children: God lets us have 'do overs' and start again.
All: Let us praise God together. Hallelujah!

June 29, 2014

Leader: How long will you be silent O God?
Children: Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! DAD!
All: You have ignored us for long enough!

Leader: We will trust in the unfailing love of God.
Children: God will save us.
Leader: Say it again
Children. Our God will save us. 
All: We have seen answered prayers and we will praise the Lord.

Monday, June 2, 2014

22 June, 2014

Leader: We trust in you O God, for you are forgiving and loving and good.
Children: Please listen, for we need your help
All: You alone are great and do marvelous deeds, you alone are God.

Leader: Teach us your way, so we may follow you truly.
Children: Heal us and put us back together, one heart and one mind
All: For you O Lord are gracious, and kind, tender and merciful. Hallelujah!

15 June, 2014

Leader: Almighty God, your name is known across the universe
Children: Yet you delight in the praise of children and babies
All: You have created the sun, moon and stars and yet you delight in small humans

Leader: You crown people-kind with glory and honour
Children: You raise us up to be in charge
All: Almighty God, your name is known across the universe.

8 June, 2014

Leader: Wow! What a wildly wonderful world, Lord God.
Children: Minnows and mackerels, sharks and swordfish.
All: Who can count the creatures you have created?

Leader: Everything you have made looks to you for their being.
Children: Without your creative life, everything is mud, mud, mud.
All: Let the glory of God last forever
And let us sing praise to God as long as we live.