Tuesday, August 27, 2013

13 September 15

Leader: The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God'
Children: That's just crazy talk.
All: Their words are like poison gas, bringing death and destruction.

Leader: The Lord seeks those who will seek the Lord
Children: God is with those who do the right thing,
He is on the side of the weak and the poor and the small
All: God is around and God turns life around. This is good news!

13 September 8

Leader: Nothing about us is hidden from God
Children: He knows us better than we know ourselves
All: The loving presence of God surrounds us.

Leader: God made us in our our intricate complex detail.
Children: God knows us right from the start.
All: Yes! God knows us all day, every day, for all of our days.

13 September 1

Leader: Are you hungry for God? 
Children: Who knows! Maybe. 
All: The Lord our God does not coerce or compel. 

Leader: Let us listen to the Lord, for he fills us with good things
Children: We will feast on fresh bread, with butter and manuka honey. 
All: The Lord our God is our strength, let us shout aloud!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

13 August 25

Leader: Praise the Lord O my soul
Children: He forgives every single sin
All: Let us worship the holy name of God

Leader: Come, let us remember the blessings of God
Children: He is pure plain perfect love
All: God's love is with those who worship, with us this morning.

13 August 18

Leader: God is just, let us worship the Lord together
Children: God is just. People in power should do the right thing.
All: The earth belongs to God and is under the rule of the Lord.

Leader: Come, let us confess our failings
Children: God is on our side! He is fair! He is kind!
All: Let us praise God, who rules over all the nations of the earth.