Monday, October 15, 2012

12 October 21

Leader: Let us find our home in the living God
Children: We can't even see God! How can we make God our home?
 All: God is our refuge because we believe what God says. 

Leader: You do well when you put God first in everything. 
Children: Really? At school? At home? On holiday?
All: Yes! God will be with us in every circumstance, 
He will keep us safe and bring us to life.

12 November 11

Leader: If God doesn't build the house, we're wasting our time.
Children: There's no point burning the candle at both ends!
All: Let us first trust the Lord and then get a good nights sleep!

Children: Guess what! We are God's best gift to you!
Leader: We are blessed when we have many children.
Children: That's right! We will look after you!
All: Let us receive God's good gifts, and praise the name of the Lord!

12 Nov 4

Leader: Let us trust in God, the source of our salvation
Children: God made the sea and the sky, the soil and the sun,
All: God keeps his promises

Leader: God looks after the fragile and the fallen,
Children: He feeds the hungry, opens blind eyes, and sets prisoners free
All: Let us praise God, our King and and Salvation.

12 Oct 28

Leader: Remember God, who brings the exiles home.
Children: God took care of the Israelites.
All: We are all exiles, strangers in a strange land

Leader: Remember us O God and bring rain to our dry lives
Children: Remember us so we too can sing and laugh and dance
All: Let those who wept as they went out to sow
Return singing as they bring in the harvest.

Monday, October 1, 2012

12 October 21

Leader:Come into the presence of God.
Children: It's safe here, safer than a safe room.
All: God is our refuge and our home.

Leader: We are surrounded by the resources of heaven.
Children: We will shoo young lions and snakes from our path.
All: When we call on the Lord, he answers us. Praise God!