Monday, April 30, 2012

12 May 27 Pentecost

Leader: Come, let us think about our Creator
Children: Geckos and tuataras, kauris and totaras*
All: The earth is full of your amazing creations!
Leader: Your creatures are microscopic and gigantic!
Children: Big and small, we all depend on your loving grace and mercy.
All: Let our whole being bless the Lord! Praise the Lord

* OK, so these are particularly kiwi references! Feel free to adapt to your local flora and fauna.
Oz - Kangaroos and koalas, gums and wattles

12 May 20

Leader: Do you want to be happy? Choose to listen to the Lord!
Children: Don't listen to people who don't listen!
All: Listen to the word of the Lord, all day and all night.
Leader: Let us be like trees planted by the river
Children: Trees that are always green, trees that bear lots of fruit
All: Let us find our life in the loving presence of God.

12 May 13

Leader: Wake up! Sing a new song to our amazing God!
Children: Look at what God does!
All: He created the world! He loves us from the inside out!
Leader: Let everything we are and everything we do praise God
Children: Bring out the recorders and ukeleles, the drums and guitars.
All: See how much God loves us! See the salvation of God!
He will put the world right, and everyone in it. Praise God!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

12 May 6

Leader: Come and seek the Lord, come and worship the Lord.
Children: You don’t need money! You don’t need anything
All: Those who seek the Lord will praise him.
Leader: Come, whether you are working or retired,
Children: It doesn’t matter if you’re in or out, if you are messy or neat
All: Let us worship the Lord together

12 April 29

Leader: The Lord is better than Google Maps!
Children: He knows where the best ice creams are!
All: The Lord gives us space to pause and catch our breath.
Leader: Even if we walk through death's dark shadow, God is here
Children: He is our light
All: The living God is our home, our dwelling, our destination. Amen.

April 22

Leader: How long will you listen to lies?
Children: We know the truth – God chooses us!
All: We will trust in the Lord
Leader: It’s OK to ask questions.
Children: But make sure you listen to God’s answers
All: We will trust in God
He alone will keep us safe.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

12 Easter Sunday

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good
God’s love goes on forever!
In our pain we cried to him, and God answered us, lifting us up.
God’s love goes on forever!
It is better to be safe in the Lord than to trust in anything else.
God’s love goes on forever!
The Lord is our strength and our song, he has become our salvation
God’s love goes on forever!
We will not die, but live, to tell the world what God has done.
God’s love goes on forever!

Monday, April 2, 2012

2012 April 15

Leader: The Lord has chosen those who are faithful to be his own
Children: Hey you! Respect! Don’t settle for empty wrappers
All: Let your kindness shine brightly on us, Lord
Leader: Let us be quiet and examine our hearts
Children: Let’s say we are sorry. Let’s turn our hearts around
All: The abundance of God is greater than the riches of the world. 

2012 April 15

Leader: How wonderful when brothers and sisters get on
Children: What does that look like?
All: It’s like the finest perfume poured out for all
Leader: How beautiful when there is peace and harmony
Children: What does that look like?
All: It is like rain at the end of a drought,
Like irrigation on the dry plains. 

Easter Sunday

Leader: He is risen
All: He is risen indeed

Children: God wins! Hurray!
All: The Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!

Leader: We will not die but live
All: Let us proclaim what the Lord has done.