Monday, July 23, 2012

12 August 12

Leader: Let us bless the Lord together!
Children: Come on everybody, let's make some noise!
All: God meets us more than halfway! He sets us free. 

Leader: Let us look to the Lord.
Children: We called out 'help!' and he heard us. 
All: We are blessed when we take refuge in the Lord our God.

12 August 5

Leader: Bless the Lord who is gracious and kind
Children: God loves us, no matter what.
All: We choose to remember. God gives us our daily bread

Leader: Come, let us worship the Lord our God
Children: Even when we are grumpy, the Lord looks after us
All: God knows the desires of our heart
And blesses us abundantly.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

12 July 29

Leader: Does anyone want to know God?
Children: We do! It would be stupid not to!
All: God is real, even though people pretend otherwise
Leader: Be patient, and look for God at work
Children: God is with us and we are not afraid
All: We wait patiently for God's salvation.

12 July 22

20 Leader: Who is our hero?
Children: David of course! He is the servant King!
All: God raised an ordinary person to the highest king of earth

Leader: Who can follow in his footsteps?
Children: We can. We can! We all can!
All: God makes an everlasting covenant with David, 
His loving kindness endures to us forever.