Monday, April 22, 2013

13 May 26 Trinity Sunday

Leader: God is Lord! God is King! God rules over all the earth.
Children: If God is so amazing, why does he bother with us?
All: The Lord has crowned us with glory and honor.

Leader: The Lord has give us responsibility for all creation.
Children: The creatures we farm, and the wild creatures too.
All: God rules over all the earth, and we have a special place.
Let us praise God! Let us praise God!

13 May 19 Pentecost

Leader: The Lord our God has made all living things
Children: He has done a really good job
All: Remember the sea, wide and deep,
And all the living creatures in it

Leader: All that live depend on God for breath and food
Children: From teeny tiny krill to ginormous whales.
All:  Bless the Lord, O my soul, and praise the name of the Lord.

13 May 12

Leader: The Lord reigns, let the whole earth be glad!
Children: Whether you are neighbors or live far away - rejoice!
All: For the Lord our God is awsome

Leader: The heavens declare the righteousness of God
Children: Look at the stars, and remember God made them.
All: Be glad in the Lord, and give thanks. 

13 May 5

Leader: Let us thank God together, for He is good.
Children: Let's celebrate! Let's be happy right now!
All: The Lord our God is just and loves all people.

Leader: As the earth produces a harvest, God blesses us.
Children: Let everyone from all over the earth honor God
All: We will proclaim together the salvation of God.

13 April 28

Leader: Are you breathing? Then let's praise the Lord!
Children: Let's praise Him everywhere.
All: We join with all creation in our song of praise.

Leader: Old people and young people, famous people and humble people,
Children: Loud people and quiet people, baby people, middle age people
All: Let all those who love God say Hallelujah! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

13 April 21

Leader: The Lord is the one who cares for you
Children: God gives us everything, even a time to be silent
All: The Lord keeps us on track

Leader: The Lord is right here, in your circumstances
Children: He rules. He even rules over death.
All: Let us praise the love and goodness of God.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

13 April 14

Leader: Let us lift up God for God has lifted us.
Children: He turns our tears to laughter
All: We will sing the praise of the Lord.

Leader: Weeping may stay the night
Children: But joy arrives in the morning
All: And so we will praise the Lord forever