Tuesday, July 8, 2014

14 July 27

Leader: Mysterious God, you reveal yourself to us.
Children: We watch for your wonderful works  -  'wow'!
All: We will sing to you and praise you and tell your stories.

Leader: Remember that our God can do anything!
Children: The Lord keeps promises! The Lord keeps promises!
All: Let us praise God. Hallelujah!

14 July 20

Leader: Nothing is hidden from you O God
Children: You know us better than we know ourselves
All: Even the mysteries of our deepest thoughts are clear to you.

Leader: Is there anywhere we can go where you are not?
Children: You see us even when we can't bear to be seen.
All: Loving God, enfold us and forgive us,
Lead us into your life everlasting. Amen.

14 July 13

Leader: Loving God, come dance with your creation.
Children: Shower earth with showers - not too much, not too little!
All: Let the ground bloom and blossom under your tender care.

Leader: Let us rejoice in the gracious abundant provision of our Creator
Children: Your work looks good and tastes good too.
All: Let us bloom and blossom under your tender care. Praise God!