Tuesday, September 20, 2011

11 October 2

Leader: God’s word is more precious than anything.

Children: God’s word is better than shiny things.

All: The word of the Lord is safer than gold.

Leader: We will put our trust in the living Word.

Children: God’s word keeps us safe from danger,
and leads us to hidden treasures.

All: Let your Word find a welcome in our hearts today.

Monday, September 5, 2011

11 September 25

Leader: Come, put your trust in the Lord.

Children: Take us by the hand and show us how you work

All: Remember O Lord, your great mercy and love.

Leader: God is fair and just. Listen! Pay attention to his word.

Children: You don’t have to earn it. Just ask for help and say yes!

All: Guide us, merciful and loving God
Teach us your way.

11 September 18

Leader: Come to worship, and remember what the Lord has done.

Children: He makes us rich! He leaves no one behind.

All: God keeps his promises.

Leader: The Lord led Israel in the desert by cloud and by fire

Children: He made sure they had enough to eat.

All: God keeps his promises. Let us sing with joy!

Sept 11

Leader: How great is our God!

All: Remember how he saved Israel from slavery in Egypt.

Children: The Sea took one look and ran away.

Leader: Be careful everyone. We are in God’s presence now.

Children: Our God can make living water come from solid rock.

All: Let all the earth worship the Creator, Saviour, and Counselor
The Holy One, who brings life and freedom in surprising ways.