Monday, June 11, 2012

12 July 15

Leader: Let us listen to what God says
Children: When salvation comes, it will be good times
 All: Let us all choose to obey God more and more

Leader: The Kingdom of God is good
Children: Love and truth hug each other
Right living and whole living hug each other too!
All: Truth and right living join in!
Let us listen to God and obey his living word.

12 July 8

Leader: Where shall we let our attention go?
Children: TV? Computer games? Loud talkers?
All: We look to God, the maker of heaven and earth.

Leader: We watch attentively for the Lord our God
Children: Just as we watch mum cutting cake
Or serving up ice cream,
All: Have mercy on us, Lord. Have mercy!


12 July 1

Leader: Come, let us lift up the Lord our God
Children: You pull us out of trouble
All: You heal us and you bring us back to life
Leader: Oh faithful ones, sing your praises!
Children: God loves us no matter what!
All: Weeping may stay all night, 
But joy comes in the morning. 

2012 June 24

Leader:  The Lord is our stronghold, our safe place
Children: When life turns to custard, we can always turn to God
All: We choose to trust in the Lord
Leader:Come, let us sing our praise to God
Children: Tell us the stories of how God moves
All: Let us rejoice in the salvation of God