Wednesday, July 17, 2013

13 August 11

Leader: God has made us, in all our intricate detail.
Children: It's not about how tall you are, or how big your muscles.
All: God looks for those who respect him

Leader: We depend on God
Children:  We're going to keep an eye out for God's love
All: The loving kindness of God is our hope and we rejoice!

13 August 4

Leader: Now hear this, now hear this
Children: You can't pull yourself up by your bootstraps!
All: The cost of our rescue is beyond us. 

Leader: Let us speak truth to one another.
Children: Death is part of a life. 
All: Let us praise God who is Lord of life and death.


13 July 28


Leader: Praise the Lord with all your heart

Children: God's love never gives up!

All: God hears us and answers us. 

Leader: Let everyone praise God!

Children: God keeps us safe in danger and darkness

All: The love of God endures forever. Hallelujah! 

13 July 21

Leader: Praise the Lord our God, who is just
Children: Who sees everything, like a video referee
All: We will trust in the gracious mercy of God

Leader: Praise God, who is active in our world
Children: God is mighty. God acts to save people.
All: Our hope is in the power of the living God.