Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Call to commumion

Call to worship
Leader :         Just before the soldiers took Jesus away, he had some kai with his besties.
Kids :              It was a special meal – Passover – and everyone was stoked.
All :                 But pretty soon, Jesus started to get real serious
Leader:          It’s time for me to die, he said
Kids:               One of you will betray me, he said
All:                  It’s not me, is it?  They all asked
Leader:          But Jesus changed the subject.  He took a piece of the bread they were eating, lifted it up and                 broke in half saying:
Kids:                This is my body – it’s breaking for you. 
All:                  Eat this.  Remember this.
Leader:          He picked up the cup they were drinking out of and said:
Kids:                This is my blood – a promise poured out for everyone
All:                  Drink this.  I’ll drink with you again in God’s kingdom 
Leader:          We’re still eating and drinking like he told us too. 
Still remembering;
Still looking forward to seeing him again;
Still being fed by him. 
Real food. 
Real drink.

This is a guest entry by my talented new colleague, the Rev Rory Grant. This week we are running the whole service as a communion liturgy. "Kai" is a Maori word meaning food. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Feb 5

Leader: How good it is to sing praises to our God
Children: The Lord puts us back together again,
All: When we are broken hearted, the Lord heals us
When we are shattered, the Lord puts us back together.
Leader: Sing to the Lord with grateful praise,
Make music with drums and piano, with guitars and flutes,
Children: God isn’t impressed with flash toys or fast cars
All: The Lord delights in those who fear him,
Who put their hope in God’s unfailing love.

2012 January 29

Leader: Let us join together with the church around the world
Children: Let us stop and think! God does amazing things!
All: God of grace! God of love! God of right relationship!
The Lord keeps his promises
Leader: The Lord has paid off the mortgage on us, he has cleared the debt!
We belong to God! We are free!
Children: Smart people pay attention! Have respect for God’s word!
All: The Lord keeps his promises!
Let us give thanks and praise forever.

2012 January 22

Leader: Let our souls find rest in God alone
Children: The Lord is our earthquake proof house.
All: The Lord our God is our rock and our salvation.
Leader: Do not trust in money or people or power.
Children: Things that may seem important to you are like smoke
All: Strength comes from God,
And in the Lord’s presence is unfailing love.

2012 January 15

Leader: Come, let us be still before the Lord our God
Children: You know all about us, things even mum doesn’t know
All: You are before us and behind us, your presence is all around
Leader: You have made us inside and out; we are amazing!
Children: You made all 350 bones in our baby body
And watched them join together to become 208!
All: We praise you because we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 January 8

Come, let us honor God with our hearts and lives and words
Children: How awesome is God!
All: God is greater than mountains and earthquakes,
He is higher than skyscrapers, deeper than Lake Hauroko
Leader: Come, let us submit to God’s rule and cry ‘Glory’
Children: God’s thunder is louder than fireworks
His glory is more awesome than a fireworks display.
All: God makes his people strong
God gives his people peace. 

(Lake Hauroko is the deepest lake in NZ. Feel free to replace with the deepest lake in your continent)