Monday, September 20, 2010

Oct 24

Leader: Those who dwell in the presence of God are richly blessed,

Children: When we couldn’t help ourselves, you made the first move,

All: You answer us with righteous action, O God our Savior

Leader: You are the hope and salvation of the whole earth,

Children: We will say thank you at sunrise and in the evening

All: Wherever your footsteps linger, a rich harvest is gathered.

October 17

Leader: Come to the living word,

Children: God’s words are better than hot chocolate sauce!

All: We know that God’s law brings health and salvation.

Leader: Come and let the living word dwell in your hearts,

Children: Hey! Pay attention! God’s word is good!

All: Shape our understanding according to your word O God,
Help us to live in line with your law.

October 10

Leader: Come on everyone, shout to the Lord with joy!

Children: The Lord our God is awesome!

All: Let all the earth shout praises to our God.
Leader: For He has kept us safe in difficult places,

Children: God trains us and tests us, and it is not easy.

All: He has led us through drought and dust,
And through fire and flood,
He brings us to a place of plenty.
God is good!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Oct 3

Leader: Commit your ways to the Lord and trust in Him.!

Children: Why should we? Naughty people seem to have more fun.

Leader: That’s a temporary situation.

All: Trust in the Lord and do good,
And He will see you right.

Leader: Be still before the Lord and wait for Him.

Children: We are going to enjoy being in God’s presence.

All: We will delight ourselves in the Lord,
We will put our hope in Him.

Sep 26

Leader: Come and live in the presence of the Most High.

Children: We trust in the Lord.

All: Surely He will save us from traps and sickness.

Leader: The Lord most High will surround you and protect you.

Children: God’s arms keep us safe!

All: The living God is with us in trouble,
He will deliver us from harm
And bring us into the fullness of salvation.

Sept 19

Leader: Help us O Lord, for we are in trouble.

Children: We are afraid that you are angry with us.

All: Forgive us for the sins of our parents,
Do not hold them against us.

Leader: Help us O God our Savior

Children: We need you. Only you can save us.

All: Help us O God our Savior.
Forgive our sins and deliver us.