Tuesday, July 8, 2014

14 July 27

Leader: Mysterious God, you reveal yourself to us.
Children: We watch for your wonderful works  -  'wow'!
All: We will sing to you and praise you and tell your stories.

Leader: Remember that our God can do anything!
Children: The Lord keeps promises! The Lord keeps promises!
All: Let us praise God. Hallelujah!

14 July 20

Leader: Nothing is hidden from you O God
Children: You know us better than we know ourselves
All: Even the mysteries of our deepest thoughts are clear to you.

Leader: Is there anywhere we can go where you are not?
Children: You see us even when we can't bear to be seen.
All: Loving God, enfold us and forgive us,
Lead us into your life everlasting. Amen.

14 July 13

Leader: Loving God, come dance with your creation.
Children: Shower earth with showers - not too much, not too little!
All: Let the ground bloom and blossom under your tender care.

Leader: Let us rejoice in the gracious abundant provision of our Creator
Children: Your work looks good and tastes good too.
All: Let us bloom and blossom under your tender care. Praise God!

Monday, June 16, 2014

July 6, 2014

Leader: God is full of grace and compassion
Children: He is not grumpy or cross
All: We will tell everyone about your life giving power.

Leader: God is faithful.
Children: You can trust God.
All: We will tell everyone about your life giving power

Leader: God lifts up the fallen
Children: God lets us have 'do overs' and start again.
All: Let us praise God together. Hallelujah!

June 29, 2014

Leader: How long will you be silent O God?
Children: Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! DAD!
All: You have ignored us for long enough!

Leader: We will trust in the unfailing love of God.
Children: God will save us.
Leader: Say it again
Children. Our God will save us. 
All: We have seen answered prayers and we will praise the Lord.

Monday, June 2, 2014

22 June, 2014

Leader: We trust in you O God, for you are forgiving and loving and good.
Children: Please listen, for we need your help
All: You alone are great and do marvelous deeds, you alone are God.

Leader: Teach us your way, so we may follow you truly.
Children: Heal us and put us back together, one heart and one mind
All: For you O Lord are gracious, and kind, tender and merciful. Hallelujah!

15 June, 2014

Leader: Almighty God, your name is known across the universe
Children: Yet you delight in the praise of children and babies
All: You have created the sun, moon and stars and yet you delight in small humans

Leader: You crown people-kind with glory and honour
Children: You raise us up to be in charge
All: Almighty God, your name is known across the universe.

8 June, 2014

Leader: Wow! What a wildly wonderful world, Lord God.
Children: Minnows and mackerels, sharks and swordfish.
All: Who can count the creatures you have created?

Leader: Everything you have made looks to you for their being.
Children: Without your creative life, everything is mud, mud, mud.
All: Let the glory of God last forever
And let us sing praise to God as long as we live.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

14 March 23

Leader: Come on everybody, let's make some noise!
Children: Whoop! Whoop! God is awesome!
All: Let's praise God with music and songs

Leader: The Lord God is the great King above all gods
Children: He owns the deepest caves and the highest mountains
All: He made the sea and the dry land

Leader: Come, let us bow down in worship
Children: We are God's children.
All: We are the people of his pasture, the flock under his care.

14 March 16

Leader: I lift my eyes to the mountains, where does my help come from?
Children: Up up up up up!

All: Our help comes from the Lord. 
Children: He is the mountain maker!

Leader: The Lord watches every step you take
Children: He won't fall asleep on the job.

All: The Lord guards you night and day,
Children: When you leave and when you come back

All: The Lord will keep you from harm and guard your very life
Today, tomorrow and always.

14 March 9

Leader: We are in the business of offering fresh starts.
Children: We all make mistakes! God lets us start again.
All: We are blessed when we admit our wrong to God.

Leader: We can trust God to hold us when we feel like failures
Children: God loves it when we learn to follow The Way.
All: The Lord's unfailing love surrounds all those who trust in him.

Monday, February 3, 2014

14 March 2

Leader:   In quietness and humility we come to worship O God
Children: Shush! Shush! Shush!
All:         We don't want to solve the problems of the nation

Leader: We've stopped. We've paused. We are silent.
Children: We're going to take time for what really matters.
All: We wait for God. Our hope is in God, now and forever.

14 February 23

Leader:   Welcome to another lesson in God's classroom.
Children: Give us strength to keep going and brains to understand!
All:          We will delight in the journey of learning.

Leader:   Help us to develop discernment
Children: Help up to choose treasure, and avoid the junk
All:         Keep your promises to us O Lord that we might live and live well.

Leader:  Take away the harsh words of the critics
Children: Let us hear again that you love us very much!
All:        We are hungry for your good word,
              Let us be in right relationship with you
              So we might live and live well.

14 February 16

Leader:   Good things happen when we stay on course
Children: It's good when you let God's word change you
All:          We are blessed when we seek the Lord passionately.

Leader:   There are no secrets here.
Children:  God wrote it all down and sent Jesus to show us for real.
All:          We are blessed when we follow the ways of God.

Leader:   We are all on a journey here.
Children: We will praise God as we learn the right patterns to follow
All:          We will obey God, with God's help!

Monday, January 27, 2014

14 February 9

Leader: Let us praise God together! Hallelujah!
Children: Happy are the people who respect and honour God.
All: Everyone is blessed, inside and out.

Children: Tell us about this blessing.
Leader: The love of God is like a light in the darkness
All: We share in God's grace and mercy and justice.

Leader: Even when everything is changing, good people trust God.
All: We are not afraid and we can afford to be generous.
Children:  When we listen to God's word, good things happen

Leader: Let us praise our gracious God inside and out
Children: In our hearts and minds, let us say thank you
All: With our hands and our voices, let us praise the living Word.

14 February 2

Leader:     Lord, who will be invited to dinner at your place?
Children:   How do we get on the guest list?
All:            What kind of people do you want to be with?

Leader:  The Lord loves people who live life with integrity
Children: Walk straight! Act right! Tell the truth!
All:          Let us be righteous.

Leader:     Let us do good in our community
Children    Don't hurt your friend! Don't blame others!
All:             Let us despise the despicable and honor those who fear the Lord

Leader:     Let us be people of God's word
Children:  Keep your promise even when it hurts!
All:           Make an honest living, never take a bribe,
                And we will dwell in the presence of God. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

14 January 26

I really like Carolyn Brown's suggestion for this Psalm today, you can find her blog here

or you could go with this....

Leader:  The Lord is life and light and love!
Children: The Lord is home! Safe! Our base and secure place.
All: Of whom shall I be afraid?

Leader: The Lord will hide us in the day of trouble
Children: He will hide us in his tent
All: We will not be afraid of our enemies.

Leader: The Lord will set us high on a rock
Children: We will be high up out of harm's way
All: And we will praise God with shouts of joy

Leader:  Come and be intimate with the Lord our God
Children: Let our hearts look for God's face.
All: We seek the living God who is light and love.

14 January 19

Leader: The Lord lifts us up from mud and mire
Children: Think thankful thoughts! Say and sing and shout praise!
All: God gives us a new song to sing - hallellujah!

Leader: Praise God with all your heart!
Children: Sing in the shower! Sing in the car! Sing all the time!
All: God's word transforms us from the inside out
And we will declare His praise with joy and thanksgiving.